Day Complexion Cream From Abluo 60ml

Brand: Abluo
Product Code: MHAAV-A1307
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Day Complexion Cream From Abluo 60ml

Apart from supplying abundant moisture to your skin to keep it plump, supple and elastic, the natural active ingredients are reputed to pro-actively work to maximize the health of your skin, and to fight aging the natural way by increasing circulation and stimulating the collagen, to keep a firm and youthful looking skin, while ensuring that the elastin in your skin is healthy and protected to promote a more elastic, supple and therefore healthier and younger looking skin. The blended natural ingredients can also help repair damage already caused from neglect, excessive exposure to the sun and the negative effects of previous bad skin care as well as modern day influences, such as air-conditioned rooms. The ingredients are also so selected that they will help with other minor skin problems and promote a healthy skin tone, colour and texture. Contains no harsh chemical or animal additives and is 100% alcohol free.

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