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Abluo is a luxurious and completely natural range of skin care products which are all hand made to exacting standards as nature intended without chemical additives and not tested on animals. All are then elegantly packaged for that extra touch of class. Abluo is Latin and means to wash away, off or out, to purify & cleanse; dispel, quench which sums up this pure, luxury range of products.

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Eczema Cream From Abluo 60ml
Abluo natural eczema cream has been carefully developed to penetrate deep into the skin, helping provide a natural treatment for eczema and similar skin problems. The soothing cream was originally designed to help tackle painful, irritating skin conditions. The deep penetrating oils moisturise the skin, helping to regenerate skin growth and close weeping sores. This cream contains rosemary, which used for centuries to cleanse condition and heal. Geranium has a lovely balancing effect on the skin making it suitable for all skin types. Sweet almond oil which helps naturally moisturise the con..
Erection Stimulation Massage Oil From Abluo 100ml
A brilliant natural oil that is designed to do exactly what the label suggests and more. This aphrodisiac product is made with a blend of oils reputed to stimulate, prolong and enhance your erection. Simply massage the end first then down the length of the penis, a sensation will occur immediately. With the confusing and massive choice of performance enhancing products on the market at the moment for mild and severe erectile dysfunction (natural or otherwise) to be taken orally this line has become a best seller simply because it is a safe rub on oil that gets great reviews and not a p..
Lavender Luxury Bath & Massage Oil From Abluo 200ml
Lavender is well known to be the essential oil and has numerous healing properties making it by far the best selling essential oil on the market. It is used for its antidepressant, antiseptic, calming, balancing and relaxing characteristics said to relieve stress and promote sleep, has rejuvenating properties for skin and is great for easing headaches. This oil made with a generous amount of top quality, fresh lavender essential oil is the ultimate relaxing bath oil and great for an evening soak before bed to aid sleep appreciating this beautiful aroma, alternatively this same product can b..
Lavender Moisturising Skin Cream From Abluo 60ml
Lavender moisturising skin cream combines the protective, moisturising and rejuvenating qualities of almond oil with soothing lavender essential oil producing an effective moisturising lotion that is free from parabens, alcohol, harmful substances and unnecessary chemical or animal additives. Lavender essential oil also has antidepressant, antiseptic, calming, balancing and relaxing properties which relieve stress and promote sleep and has rejuvenating properties for skin. ..
Lovers Luxury Bath Oil From Abluo 200ml
A lovely natural bath oil carefully blended with essential oils of the euphoric and uplifting ylang ylang, the energising bergamot and the stress relieving lavender for the special person in your life. The sense of smell is fundamental to our sensuality and creates a mood for love and relaxation. The uplifting aroma created by Abluo makes this Lovers` bath oil the perfect gift for someone who wants to treat his loved one with a candle lit relaxing bath. ..
Lovers Luxury Massage Oil From Abluo 100ml
This luxurious massage oil contains exotic oils of an aphrodisiac nature helping sensuality and create a mood for love. A luxurious and sensual massage oil blended especially for couples, there is no better way to relax your partner than to give a wonderful massage in a warm, candle lit room with this beautiful massage oil. Soothing to use and with a wonderful aroma. Makes the perfect gift idea or special treat. ..
Muscle Ease Bath Oil From Abluo 200ml
A full strength natural oil carefully blended using essential oils reputed to ease aching muscles, sprains and strains. Ideal for anyone feeling the strain of work, sport or just a hectic lifestyle making this the ideal bath oil for so many people. A lovely treat for yourself or great gift idea. Muscle pain that results in achy soreness usually comes from repetitive stiffening and shortening of muscle fibres, when used in hot water, skin pores are opened allowing the essential and carrier oils to be rapidly absorbed and get to work. Ideal for gardeners, after sports or exercise, a..
Muscle Ease Massage Oil From Abluo 100ml
This deeply restoring massage oil, made with the essential oils of rosemary, lavender and thyme helps to naturally restore overexerted muscles. By massaging the rich blend into the major muscle groups you can promote increased blood circulation, releasing tension and refreshing tissues. All of our massage oils provide a wonderful massage glide and are rich in natural ingredients for nourishing, conditioning and moisturising the skin. This penetrating blend contains oils reputed to reduce swelling and inflammation, improve recovery from muscle sprains, reduce the effect of muscle s..