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Abluo is a luxurious and completely natural range of skin care products which are all hand made to exacting standards as nature intended without chemical additives and not tested on animals. All are then elegantly packaged for that extra touch of class. Abluo is Latin and means to wash away, off or out, to purify & cleanse; dispel, quench which sums up this pure, luxury range of products.

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Muscle Ease Ointment From Abluo 60ml
Strained, sprained, tired or just aching muscles can occur in people of all ages. This special natural muscle ointment is specifically designed for anyone needlessly suffering from persistent muscle stiffness. Whether caused through regular exercise, sports participation work or gardening etc. A therapeutic natural muscle rub which can provide a quick anti-inflammatory treatment. With only natural ingredients and a special beeswax that provides a protective layer over the skin, allowing the essential oils to penetrate deep into the body. Made with pure essential oils reputed to rehabilitate..
Natures Cellulite Aromatherapy Oil From Abluo 100ml
Natures cellulite massage oil can help reduce and prevent the appearance of cellulite by improving the elasticity of the skin, the massage actively improves skin circulation whilst the essential oils penetrate deep into problem areas helping to emulsify fat deposits. The oil provides a wonderful massage glide that is rich in ingredients for nourishing, conditioning and moisturising the skin. The essential oils blended with this oil are reputed to emulsify fat deposits below the epidermal and dermal layers, reduce the appearance of cellulite, strengthen the connective tissue network, clear f..
Night Complexion Cream From Abluo 60ml
Abluo's night complexion face cream is the definitive evening moisturiser for dry or stressed skin and is ideal for younger and mature skin alike. The rich formula provides a luxurious, intensively moisturising night cream with a soothing blend of essential oils to help re-hydrate your complexion while you sleep. Designed to work when the skin is at its most relaxed and receptive and with this truly luxurious natural product you'll wake up looking and feeling radiant and refreshed. Made with a very delicate and exacting blend of pure plant extracted oils reputed to - Promote younger, health..
Panacea 7 Active Cream From Abluo 60ml
Panacea 7 active cream is our full strength ultimate natural remedy. It was originally blended for arthritic and rheumatoid problems but is now used for a wide range of treatments including swelling, inflammation and tenderness, especially in the legs. Users claim it is a truly wonderful, multifaceted product that helps reduce painful inflammation, foot swelling, ankle swelling and leg swelling. Great results and feedback when used on backache, muscular sprains and strains or sports injuries, cartilage, tendon or ligament damage to ease pain and speed healing. Made from an exacting..
Psoriasis Cream From Abluo 60ml
Specially developed for people suffering from psoriasis which is a common skin disease that generally appears as patches of raised red skin covered by a flaky white build-up. This skin condition can cause intense itching and burning, resulting in extreme irritation and painful rashes. We believe that our psoriasis cream provides an extremely powerful and intense natural treatment and we have seen amazing results with great feedback from purchasers of this product. This natural psoriasis cream provides a wonderful alternative treatment made with essential oils reputed to help reduce the itch..
Revitalising Skin Cream From Abluo 60ml
REVITALISING; Tending to impart new life and vigour to; "the renewing warmth of the sunshine" This natural revitalising skin cream is a wonderful example of a natural product made into a luxurious beauty cream. Made with essential oils reputed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that leaves your skin firmer, younger looking, more vibrant and healthier with increased strength and elasticity. Usage- After thoroughly cleansing the face with hot water apply a small amount to the face and neck or dab spots of cream around the body after showering or bathing and gently massage i..
SC2000 Cream From Abluo 60ml
Developed for people suffering from sciatica which is an incredibly painful and debilitating condition characterised by intense pain running from the lower back down through the buttocks and along the back of each leg. Users of Abluo SC2000 Cream have reported wonderful results when used to treat sciatic conditions. The deep penetrating oils permeate the body, helping to reduce inflammation, loosening both nerve fibres and muscles in order for your trapped spinal cord to slip back to its proper state. In essence, our powerful sciatica treatment cream helps reduce the inflammation in and aro..
Shaving Oil From Abluo 50ml
This is a really great little product that has a lot more to it than you would think. Made with natural oils reputed to moisturise and protect sensitive skin whilst eliminating razor burn, it is a unisex product used by gent's in place of harsh & expensive foams or gels and is also ideal for use as a natural alternative when shaving legs. Just use as a pre-shave (for razor or electric) as you would a normal gel or foam and see how much money this great oil can save you. Only a few drops are needed meaning this bottle can last a great deal more applications replacing commercial (expensiv..