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Abluo is a luxurious and completely natural range of skin care products which are all hand made to exacting standards as nature intended without chemical additives and not tested on animals. All are then elegantly packaged for that extra touch of class. Abluo is Latin and means to wash away, off or out, to purify & cleanse; dispel, quench which sums up this pure, luxury range of products.

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Vitamin E Moisturising Skin Cream From Abluo 60ml
Vitamin E is one of the most widely researched vitamin products and is proven to process remarkable antioxidant properties to help protect against skin damaging environmental elements. It is light, easily absorbed and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and vibrant. Vitamin E is not only responsible for repainting damaged skin and enhancing elasticity, but also with its potent natural anti-oxidant properties, with regular use, your skin will have an ultimate antioxidant protection and treatment. Use on your face, body or hands this cream is ideal for dry skin, sun damaged sk..
Winter Warmer Bath Oil From Abluo 200ml
A beautiful full strength bath oil blended with warming and healing essential oils of ginger, black pepper and eucalyptus which are ideal for long relaxing soaks on cold dark winter nights. This oil is great if feeling under the weather with a cold or winter chill but simply ideal for just warming through after a hard day so turn the fire up, put some candles on, slip away into this luxury bath and forget about the wind, rain or snow outside. ..
Wintergreen Cream From Abluo 60ml
Wintergreen cream is another wonderful unisex cream that is ideal for weathered or chapped hands and feet and is widely used by manual workers, people working outside a lot or with products that may make the hands dry. Quite a strong cream with a medicated aroma that is designed more to ease problems rather than be a nice looking or smelling beauty product. Ideal for gardeners or craft workers when massaged into hands, for aching feet or rub a small amount into chest if blocked up, sore throat or general cold symptoms. Rub onto leg muscles before sport especially in cold weather. ..
XXX Ultimate Sensual Massage Oil From Abluo 100ml
XXX ultimate contains a blend of herbal ingredients prepared in our own lab with six full strength oils expertly chosen and carefully blended to create this truly luxurious oil. Including pure essential oils reputed to enhance your desire for sex as well as helping remove any worries from a stressful day, also removes inhibitions from yourself and your partner. You don't need to be an expert at massage to benefit from this beautiful oil just relax and let the essential oils get to work. The perfect gift or special treat. ..