Essential Oils

All essential oils are 100% pure, natural, concentrated oils. We do sell a handful of blends on the very expensive oils alongside the absolutes to make them a little more affordable and these are clearly marked ‘blend’ within the title, description and on the bottle. Ours may not be the cheapest essential oils you will find on line but we also supply these trade aroma therapists, chiropodists, shops, perfume manufacturers and other herbalists meaning we have to supply the best quality and freshest oils we can. As a result the cost can be a little higher than some of the cheaper brands but you are assured of the quality associated with Avena. Some essential oils you find in some (not all) health food stores and on the high street are so low in quality and full of adulterations, you would be shocked. Even essential oils labelled as pure are not always what they seem.

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Ginger Essential Oil. (Zingiber officinale)
Ginger essential oil is a lovely warming oil that is renowned for preventing vomiting, morning sickness and travel or motion sickness. Inhale some drops from a tissue, mix with a carrier oil and apply to temples and stomach before and during travel or use in an oil burner which is also good for colds. Ginger is also good when used directly in the bath or massage blends for arthritis, muscle aches, lethargy, colds, flu and all winter chills as it warms the mind and body giving a feeling of wellbeing it is also said ginger is good for loneliness. The therapeutic properties of ginger oil inclu..
Grapefruit Essential Oil. (Citrus paradisi)
Grapefruit essential oil has a highly revitalising and elevating effect on the emotions. It is a very refreshing and uplifting oil. Used in oil burners grapefruit is great to create a positive, fresh and uplifting environment. It is also good for hangovers, colds, moodiness, headaches and can help ditherers to become more decisive. Use in a massage blend or the bath for acne, cellulite, colds and flu, lack of energy, jet lag, muscle fatigue, and general mental and physical tiredness. The therapeutic properties of grapefruit oil include antidepressant, antiseptic, disinfectant, stimulant and..
Hyssop Essential Oil. (Hyssopus officinalis)
Hyssop essential oil is a powerful stimulant that can help with anxiety, fatigue and increase alertness. Used in an oil burner it can also be beneficial for helping breathing if suffering for coughs, colds, flu, bronchitis or asthma. Hyssop essential oil massage blends, creams or used directly in the bath can be great for all the above especially anxiety or mental fatigue but it is also good for the skin and has a healing action that can help with old scars or skin marks. The therapeutic properties of hyssop oil include astringent, antiseptic, antispasmodic, carminative, digestive, expector..
Jasmine Essential Oil. (Absolute pure Jasmine oil). (Jasminum officinalis)
Jasmine officinalis is a sturdy, climbing, evergreen shrub with bright green leaves that grows to be approximately twenty feet tall with white star shaped flowers. These flowers can only be picked at night because they only bloom at night. Jasmine essential oil is distilled from these flowers and it takes a huge quantity of petals to produce an ounce of the essential oil meaning it is very expensive but it does more than just smell exquisite. Jasmine is sought after for its powerful anti-depressant characteristics. It is great for severe depression and soothes the nerves, producing a feelin..
Jasmine Essential Oil. Blend. 10% Jasmine Dilution In Sweet Almond
A blended dilution using 10% of pure Jasmine essential oil blended in sweet almond oil to make this wonderful oil more affordable. Use the blend in an oil burner, massage oil, cream, lotion or directly in the bath for great results and even though this is blended the 10% strength still guarantees a beautiful aroma. ..
Juniper Berry Essential Oil. (Juniperus communis)
Juniper essential oil can be extracted from the berries which take three years to ripen or the needles and wood of the plant which is a much cheaper oil. Our juniper is only extracted from the berries ensuring great quality and a superior oil. Always check when buying juniper it states whether it is the berry oil. Used in an oil burner juniper berry is known to be great for hangovers, over indulgence and tension headaches. In massage oils, creams or used directly in the bath it is famed for eczema relief and is in many eczema remedies as well as other skin ailments including dermatitis, acn..
Lavender Essential Oil. (Lavandula angustifolia)
Lavender is the essential essential oil. With wide ranging benefits and lovely aroma lavender is the most used essential oil in aromatherapy. Used in oil burners, massage oils, as a bath oil, in creams and lotions or directly on the skin lavender is calming, balancing, aids a restful nights sleep, relaxing, hay fever, headaches, tension to name just a few. It is also used to sooth burns prevent blistering & scaring (cooks should always keep a small bottle to hand in the kitchen) as well as been an antiseptic used on spots, bites and stings etc. as well as an insect repellent. The therap..
Lemon Essential Oil. (Citrus limon)
Lemon essential oil is well known to be very refreshing to both mind and body, clearing the mind helping decision making and uplifting the body. It is high in minerals and is often used to strengthen weak nails. Used in an oil burner, a few drops in the bath or blended as a massage oil or cream lemon essential oil is good for colds, the voice, lack of energy, depression and clearing the mind while boosting the immune system and aiding digestion. Lemon has also been known as a painless treatment for warts and verrucas. The therapeutic properties of lemon oil include antimicrobial, anti-rheum..