Blue & Black Ceramic Oil Burner Small

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Blue & Black Ceramic Oil Burner Small

A lovely looking blue and black oil burner which is fantastic quality glazed ceramic. It has a wonderful abstract cut-out design within the base. The colours on this burner are rich, deep and would look great in any home or place of work. An ideal size at 90mm tall and great little gift idea. Ethical trading- Ethically traded- Our supplier of this product is inspired by Buddhist values and ethos. This finds its practical application in our dealings with their suppliers, customers and the environment. They give all their overseas suppliers a fair price, build real & lasting connections with them, monitor fair wages & good working conditions, minimise any environmental impact and use some of their profits to benefit the communities in which these products are made. One example of this is a recent donation to The Green Tara Trust. The money donated will pay the wages of 3 full-time Nepalese health workers for the next 10 months. They provide care in pregnancy and childbirth for 10,000 people in rural Nepal where 4,500 Nepalese women continue to die each year in childbirth due to lack of medical care and 1 in 13 children die before the age of 5. They are skilled in communicating and promoting health issues and aim to engage the poorest and most marginalised in community programmes. The project has been running for just over 2 years and is already seeing significant changes in attitudes and an improvement in the lives of many women and children.

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