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Welcome to Bio-Synergy, your first and only stop for everything you need to look and feel great! With our award-winning line of health and wellness products, Bio-Synergy is the only choice to give your body the very best no matter what your lifestyle or goals. Beloved by professional athletes, celebrities, and fitness buffs alike, Bio-Synergy can take you to the next level in your life, workout regime, or weight loss program.


The Bio-Synergy brand is widely recognised as the best in the business. Products like our Skinny Water are used by top celebrities including Jennifer Aniston and Fergie to lose weight, and our Whey Protein shakes were recently named the Top Protein Shake by Men’s Health Magazine. On top of that, we’re a favourite product of the Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph, Fabulous Magazine, BodyFit Magazine, and Marathon Training Magazine. The results speak for themselves! Join the legions of fans who love Bio-Synergy and start to feel the benefit of our award-winning products today!

Reliable and Natural

Your body deserves only the best, which is why Bio-Synergy uses only the most researched, natural, and nutritious supplements in all of our products. We don’t sell anything we haven’t used ourselves. What’s more, samples of all our products are regularly sent to separate labs to check their contents and proportions. This spot testing tells us exactly what is in all our products and gives you the peace of mind to concentrate on your training or weight loss without worrying about your supplements. Manufactured here in the UK, all of Bio-Synergy’s excellent products are made with the highest quality, taste great, and deliver you real and noticeable results when used as part of a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Proven Results

Bio-Synergy is widely recognized as the leading sports and wellness company in the UK because of our relentless commitment to quality and results. Since our release of Creatine Plus in 1997, we’ve been the leading innovator in sports nutrition and muscle building, and now we’re bringing you the top products in weight loss and slimming. Guided by leading-edge science, Bio-Synergy products use only micronutrients and supplements that have been proven to help you and your body meet your goals, so you get all the benefits and none of the hocus pocus. What you get is what we promise. Nothing less.


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100% Whey 2.25kg (100%)
Bio-Synergy 100% Whey 2.25kg Product Features High content protein powder (whey powder) protein drinks Supports lean muscle development Great tasting Increase performance & recovery Bio-Synergy Description A High-Quality Whey Protein Shake to support lean muscle growth, strength and recovery. 100% Whey provides a super-charged dose of whey protein making it the perfect choice for supporting lean muscle and recovery, whether your goal is size & strength, sports performance or getting lean. How 100% Whey can help you High in whey pro..