Cloud Nine Bath Gift Box

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Cloud Nine Bath Gift Box

A wonderful bath gift box crammed full of luxurious goodies that will have anyone receiving it as a gift on cloud nine. This gift box contains- 1 x Poppy Hills Bath Blaster 160g, 1 x Butterfly Ball Bath Tulip 85g, 1 x Purple Passion Bath Creamer 30g, 1 x Shea Bliss Bath Mallow 30g, 1 x Cloud 9 Massage Bar 50g. All these wonderful treats are packed in one of our long gift boxes, they are surrounded by shredded ‘straw-like’ packing and finished off beautifully with a gift bow, they also smell divine even through the packing. Drop the bath blaster in to a bath of warm water and watch as it fizzes, releasing its perfume and essential oils, while the Bicarbonate of Soda softens the water. Use your bath tulip up to four times by dropping it in the bath and allowing a portion of it to melt. Your bath tulip will fizz very softly releasing moisturising Cocoa Butter and softening the water. Rub the creamy foam into your skin while bathing. Remember to only allow a portion of your tulip to dissolve and remove it from the bath to save the rest for later. Drop your bath creamer or mallow into a warm bath and it will fizz softly, releasing its moisturising Cocoa and Shea Fruit Butters into the water to moisturise your skin. Our Bath Creamers also contain wonderful perfumes and essential oils to make your bath smell beautiful. Your massage bar is made almost entirely of moisturising Cocoa Butter that will melt at body temperature. Hold the Massage Bar in your hand for a short while and allow it to melt slightly before massaging into your skin, working the oils in, leaving your skin fresh, soft and smelling wonderful.

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