Symprove (Mango and Passion Fruit Flavour) 500ml liquid

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Symprove (Mango and Passion Fruit Flavour) 500ml liquid

Multi-strain probiotic

Research-led      Symprove

Regulates and restores balance

Live activated probiotic bacteria

At least 10 billion per shot

Long shelf life, only pop in fridge once you open bottle

Non dairy and gluten free

Gentle on the gut

What is Symprove?

Symprove is a non-diary probiotic barley drink (symprove liquit probiotic) and gluten free. It contains 4 strains of naturally occuring probiotic bacteria grown on extract of barley (the substrate). This is a unique food source and prebiotic, helping the Symprove bacteria to flourish and grow.


The 4 strains of bacteria in Symprove are documented in research worldwide are:

♦ L.rhamnosus

♦ L.plantarum

♦ L.acidophilus

♦ E.facecium

Symprove is the best probiotic because of its Unique Delivery System (UDSTM), which ensures the probiotic bacteria are protected and delivered to your gut in optimum condition, where they establish quickly.

Why is Symprove so different?
Not all probiotics are alike or work in the same way. Unlike other everday products, Symprove works uniquely well because the bacteria are alive and ready to work (activated) from the moment Symprove is swallowed. Symprove does not trigger digestion as its Unique Delivery System (UDS™) protects our bacteria from acids as they travel through the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, and delivers them to targeted areas in the gut, where the bacteria begin to establish quickly.

Symprove is research led and every batch is independently tested to ensure it reaches you in optimum condition. Each 50ml serving (about an egg cupful) contains at least 10 billion live bacteria.

Experts recommend drinking Symprove  for up to 90 days to restore balance in the gut. However, many people start to feel different in days. For most people, 90 days amounts to around 12 bottles of Symprove, however, we can't give you an exact number because it depends how much you weigh.

What happens with other probiotics?

Dairy probiotics trigger digestion in the stomach and this is what you would expect to happen. However, digestion releases stomach acids and bile salts to break down food and probiotic bacteria struggle in acidic environments. Few dairy probiotic bacteria survive the digestive process, and for those that do, many have lost their ability to adhere to the gut wall. All probiotic bacteria need to be able to do this to establish and build a healthy colony in your gut.

Freeze-dried probiotics are subject to extremes in the manufacturing process

Freeze-dried probiotics, as their name suggests, are subject to extremely cold temperatures (around -80°C) during the manufacturing process to place the bacteria in powder sachets or capsules. Subjecting sensitive mciroorganisms to extreme temperatures can cause physical damage to the bacterial cells. At this point, the live bacteria are rendered ineffective (or are no longer alive). Once freeze-dried probiotics are swallowed, they require liquid to rehydrate, before they can become alive and active. This can take several hours and whilst this is happening, the probiotic capsule or sachet is working its way down through your digestive tract. More often than not, by the time these freeze-dried probiotic bacteria have managed to survive the manufacturing process, and are ready to work, they have passed the areas of the gut where they need to establish and colonise, and pass out in your stools.


Symprove Mango & Passion Fruit contains Natural Flavours and Sweeteners.

One bottle contains 500ml of liquid (7-10 days supply)

Start your day with Symprove - it's easy to do. Drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach by pouring 1 ml per kilo of your bodyweight into the measruing cup provided. Wait 5 - 15 minutes before breakfast to allow the live bacteria to pass through the stomach without triggering digestion. Now enjoy breakfast!

Symprove should be stored at ambient temperature in a cool dark place. Once you open a bottle of Symprove, it should be popped in the fridge.




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