Digestive Aids

Natural Digestive Aids available from  Manchester HERBS. Choose from a high fibre bowel maintenance formula to  a high strength probiotic composed of Saccharomyces Boulardi yeast and many more online.

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DESCRIPTION The process of transforming a crisp salad, a sizzling salmon steak, and a warm slice of bread into basic nutrients that your body can actually use requires considerable work by your digestive system. Mouth to esophagus to small intestine to large intestine—you know how it goes. And don’t forget the  cocktail of digestive juices from the liver and pancreas that break down food and help things along. Many factors go into proper digestion. No wonder it sometimes needs extra support! With the right supplementation, you can support normal digestion and feel a big difference...
Digestive Complex - 100 Caps
The Digestive Complex assists you and helps in processing your food adequately so that you get the full benefit out of the minerals and vitamins that you eat. From the point at which we put food in our mouths the digestive process starts. The first step is chewing and if you chew long enough that food will easily be absorbed releasing the minerals and vitamins in your food. Unfortunately with our busy lives we tend to go down the fast food avenue and then take a left turn at indigestion after lunch and then a further left turn with chronic heart burn and all kinds of ailments. ..
DIGESTIVEaid - 90 capsules
Why choose DIGESTIVEaid? Digestive enzymes and the digestion of food Food is composed of different elements, such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. These distinct elements often require different enzymes to break them down into their separate constituent parts so that they can then be absorbed. Digestion can start even before we put food into our mouths. The mere sight or odour of food can trigger enzyme activity, in anticipation of the food we are about to take in. Once digested, the body can then absorb the nutrients and transport them around the body, v..
Easy Cleanse Kit 60 Vcaps
NOW FOODS Easy Cleanse Kit Product Features Simple 15 day detox 100% Natural Ingredients No harsh laxatives Supports digestive and metabolic health Vegetarian formula Product Description NOW® Easy Cleanse™ is a digestive cleansing program that was developed to naturally support the body's own detoxification mechanisms, making it easier to eliminate toxins from the body.  By supporting liver and intestinal function, this unique combination of herbal extracts and nutrients serves as a natural way to help eliminate unwant..
Feelin’ Good
DESCRIPTION Do you occasionally feel weighed down and backed up? Fortunately, there’s something you can do about it. Getting proper amounts of fibre (at least 20 to 25 grams a day) is one of the best ways to regulate your bowels. Fibre is vital for a healthy colon. It feeds beneficial bacteria and produces short chain  fatty acids that the colon’s cells rely on for energy. Add Neways’ Feelin’ Good to your diet, and you’ll notice a difference. This concentrated dietary fibre comes from a variety of natural food sources to give you more of the fibre you need. It’s a superior fibre sour..
InternaCALM Probiotic Yeast - 30 capsules
InternaCALM is a high strength probiotic composed of Saccharomyces Boulardii yeast. This probiotic yeast is able to survive stomach acid and thereafter colonises the intestinal tract - our specially formulated probiotics are also able to survive stomach acids. InternaCALM probiotic yeast supports a healthy and balanced intestinal tract, helps to encourage a healthy gut flora balance and supports a balanced inflammatory response. The Saccharomyces boulardii yeast has also been shown to support normal gastrointestinal function during a disruption to gut / bowel flora (bowel bacteria) ..
Kids Gut-Buddies - 30 sachets
  Why choose Kids Gut-Buddies? Good gut bacteria for your little ones! Anyone with a baby, toddler or young child will be used to dealing with the coughs, colds, snuffles and tummy upsets that can accompany starting or returning to playgroups or preschool, when germs and viruses can be widespread. What’s more, children are particularly susceptible to disruptions to the delicate balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria in their tummies. Kids Gut-Buddies is a unique  children’s probiotic powder  that contains 7 strains of naturally-occurring beneficial organisms (f..
L-Glutamine Powder - 100g powder
  Why choose L-Glutamine amino acid powder? Glutamine is one of the 20 amino acids, or “building blocks” of protein. It is a vital molecule that our body stores in the bloodstream and converts into glucose (blood sugar) when it is needed. L-Glutamine, the natural form of glutamine, is critical for a number of biological processes. It is also one of the few amino acids that directly crosses the blood-brain barrier - a separation of circulating blood and the brain extracellular fluid in the central nervous system. It is synthesised from three other amino acids, namely  &..