Rose Quartz Sphere Large 45mm

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Rose Quartz Sphere Large 45mm

Rose quartz is a stone known for love and warmth which calms the emotions and uplifts the mind and body. This highly polished large sphere is approximately 45mm, they sit nicely on our egg stands for display or are a perfect fit in our mini drawstring pouches for safe storage or if a gift. The wonderful thing about spheres is that they emit energy equally in all directions. This allows the natural energy to fill and circulate in the environment it is positioned. Spheres can also be used similar to a worry stone, you can easily carry them in your pocket or bag taking advantage of the energy given off all day as the sphere is nearby or by holding or massaging in the hand. Two spheres rotated in one hand is very soothing and acts in the same way solid stress balls do. They have a wide range of other mystical uses being closely related to and used as crystal balls as well as in massage and other therapies.

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