Bath Brûlée Gift Box

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Bath Brûlée Gift Box

A fantastic gift box containing 1 x Strawberries & Dreams Bath Brûlée 160g, 1 x Lazy Lavender Bath Brûlée 160g, and 1 x Milk & Honey Bath Brûlée 160g. The fantastic thing about our bath brûlée is that you can use each one up to four times by simply dropping into the bath and allowing a portion of it to melt. Your bath brûlée will fizz very softly releasing moisturising Cocoa Butter and softening the water. Rub the creamy foam into your skin while bathing. Remember to only allow a portion of your brûlée  to dissolve and remove it from the bath to save the rest for later. These three Brûlée’s are packed in a wonderful gift box, each is in a cup cake type holder and surrounded by shredded ‘straw-like’ packing and finished off with a gift bow, they also smell divine even through the packing.

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