Cinnamon Scented Sachet Small

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Cinnamon Scented Sachet Small

It is a warm and homely aroma of spices with a hint of sweetness, it makes these cinnamon cones suitable for any occasion and not just Christmas time and are ideal for relaxation and meditation. This gorgeous Greenleaf scented sachet is the ideal way to fragrance any room, drawer, wardrobe, car or office just to name a few ideas. It`s Eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable and contains natural essential oils. You can enclose a scented sachet to make any greetings card more special (for the postman as well as the recipient), put one in the car to enjoy your favourite fragrance as you travel or throw one into the boot to eliminate lingering aromas. Many people take one to work to fragrance their staff room, office etc. or to just pop into a desk drawer. This sachet would be an ideal gift on its own or a great addition to a gift basket, they are also often used in silk or dried flower displays making them smell realistic as well as looking great. Around the home it can simply be placed in any room, drawer, wardrobe, washing basket, bin etc. or on a radiator in winter for an intense fragrance boost and they are also an ideal way to eliminate pet odours.  This 11 ml sachet is approx. 6 cm x 9 cm wide.

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