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Arnica Ointment From Abluo 60ml
Arnica (Arnica Montana) is a homeopathic anti-inflammatory that may be used for traumatic injury, bruises, strained joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons & backache etc. Alternatively arnica is probably best known as a pain relieving oil that counteracts inflammation and reduces swelling and discoloration on bruises, aiding healing and relieving pain. When blood vessels are broken, blood escapes and comes to rest in the surrounding tissue. This trapped blood is responsible for black and blue bruise marks. Arnica reduces these marks by helping the body reabsorb this trapped blood. Rub..
Body Ache Bath Oil From Abluo 200ml
This penetrating bath oil is very popular with people suffering from arthritis or rheumatism as the natural oils are reputed to be very beneficial for these conditions or any similar deep joint aches and pains. Alternatively the oil can be used by people suffering bad backache or recovering broken, fractured bones or sports injuries. This 100% natural herbal bath oil is blended with natural ingredients reputed to help counter the pain and stiffness. Pour desired amount, we recommend at least 10ml into the bath under running water. When used in hot water, skin pores are opened allo..
Body Ache Ointment From Abluo 60ml
This highly effective natural arthritis ointment has been design to relieve aches and pains especially associated with rheumatoid arthritis which is an autoimmune disease where the joint lining becomes inflamed as part of the body’s immune system activity. Our body ache ointment has been designed to relieve pain and reduce inflammation in order to ease daily movement and general wellbeing. It is a wonderful natural health pain reliever for arthritis sufferers. The special beeswax provides a protective layer over the skin, allowing the essential oils to penetrate deep into the body. Mad..
Calendula Skin Care Cream From Abluo 60ml
The calendula flowers contain a variety of compounds which are believed to support wound healing and be beneficial for skin repair and health. Calendula is thought to be anti-inflammatory, constricting blood vessels to stop bleeding. Calendula was used during the American Civil War to draw out infections from wounds and aid healing but is now more widely used as a beauty product. Topical uses of calendula would be for abrasions, acne, stretch marks and burns or as general skin cream. Herbalists believe calendula is very versatile, speeding the healing of wounds and marks, making the skin su..
Comfrey Blend Aromatherapy Oil From Abluo 100ml
Comfrey is one of nature’s greatest medicinal herbs and has been used since about 400 BC as a healing treatment. Throughout the ages comfrey has acquired an unrivalled reputation as a healing rub for arthritis and similar aches and pains. Greeks and Romans used comfrey to heal wounds and broken bones. Indeed, its name derives from the Latin "conferre", meaning bring together or grow together. In Medieval times, comfrey’s reputation for knitting broken bones flourished and it was commonly referred to as knit-bone and often called the heal-all herb. Abluo's comfrey blend takes advantage of th..
Comfrey Blend Ointment From Abluo 60ml
Comfrey (Knit bone) has for years been used on knee pain, toes, ankles, fingers, knuckles, wrists, shoulder and backache. Developed to relieve pain, reduce the stresses and strains associated with osteoarthritis movement which is a degenerative joint disease characterised by the breakdown of the joint's cartilage (Arthritis). Cartilage is the part of the joint that cushions the bone ends, helping to prevent bones from rubbing against each other, the special beeswax provides a protective layer over the skin, allowing the essential oils to penetrate deep into the area of pain. ..
Day Complexion Cream From Abluo 60ml
Apart from supplying abundant moisture to your skin to keep it plump, supple and elastic, the natural active ingredients are reputed to pro-actively work to maximize the health of your skin, and to fight aging the natural way by increasing circulation and stimulating the collagen, to keep a firm and youthful looking skin, while ensuring that the elastin in your skin is healthy and protected to promote a more elastic, supple and therefore healthier and younger looking skin. The blended natural ingredients can also help repair damage already caused from neglect, excessive exposure to the sun ..
Dry Skin Massage Oil From Abluo 100ml
Dry Skin Oil is an aromatherapy massage treatment containing a blend of natural ingredients reputed to treat dry skin by deeply moisturising and prevent irritation, itching or soreness. Dry Skin Oil can be simply used as a natural moisturiser by massaging into the skin. By using a clean cotton wool ball dab some oil onto the face or body and massage in. This will prevent using excessive amounts and your oil will last a lot longer. To lock in more moisture it is great to use while the skin is slightly moist after showering or bathing. Dry Skin Oil is very popular and we have had some great c..