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Acai Action 90ml - MultiPack(4x12pk)
DESCRIPTION When you are looking for a little more energy and vitality, you need something that is as nutritious as it is effective. You need more than just a simple pick-me-up. You need an effective and sustainable energy boost. You need to take action – Acai Action. Smooth energy delivery, a delicious taste and a proprietary blend of the best natural ingredients, Acai Action is a new liquid food supplement designed to offer a superior solution to your energy needs. BENEFITS Natural Energy Boost – Using the finest natural ingredients to provide smooth and sustainable energy whe..
DESCRIPTION Alleviate is a muscle rub for topical application before, during and after exercise. Before, to assist with warming and loosening the muscles; during, to help keep muscles supple and after, to support the body's recovery. DIRECTIONS Apply to affected areas and gently massage in until absorbed. May be reapplied three or four times daily.Always read the product label before use. ALLERGY ADVICE Contains Nuts PRODUCT FORMAT 125 ml FULL INGREDIENT LIST Water, Butylene Glycol, Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract, Menthol, Isopentyldiol, Stearic Acid, Cetyl Alc..
DESCRIPTION Methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM), a naturally occurring form of organic sulphur, may support joint health. Combined with cat’s claw and vitamin C, this product is designed to support the body. MSM is completely safe and odourless and is a vital nutrient to help the body maintain optimum health. Vitamin C is added to enhance the absorption of MSM. BENEFITS No degeneration of articular cartilage Supports against brittle nails Supports the permeability of the membranes in the eyes Supports the cells in being permeable DIRECTIONS Take three table..
DESCRIPTION Cardiol is a formula designed to complement existing healthy lifestyles, and to support the overall health of the cardiovascular system through proper nourishment, at the same time playing an essential role in energy production.When we are young, we produce our own supply of coenzyme Q10 (also called COQ10), but as we age the body’s ability to produce it declines and the need for supplementation may become necessary. CoenzymeQ10 and vitamin E work synergistically together as cardiovascular nutrients, and may improve energy levels. DIRECTIONS Take one softgel twice a day ..
DESCRIPTION Cal-Sea-Um is Neways' front-line calcium supplement. Calcium is the most abundant essential mineral in our bodies and is essential for the formation of healthy bones and teeth. The main source of calcium in our diets is derived from dairy products, although many modern diets and lifestyles choose to reduce intake or refrain entirely from this segment. Serious calcium deficiency can lead to a range of ailments including rickets, osteomalacia and more commonly osteoporosis.A clue to Cal-Sea-Um's formulation lies within its name. The calcium content is derived from a calcified se..
Cascading Antioxidants Revenol
DESCRIPTION Free radicals are unstable molecules that attack your body’s cells. Free radicals damage your healthy cells and are potentially harmful when they interact with important cellular components. Antioxidants have the ability to neutralize many free radicals. A diverse group of chemicals naturally found in  plants, antioxidants play a key role in supporting cellular health. Cascading Revenol® is a proprietary antioxidant formulation that contains an army of free radical quenchers that cascade to provide superior nutritional support. What does ‘cascading’ mean? While indi..
Cetyl Mobility
DESCRIPTION Cetyl Mobility is a well-balanced, powerful formulation of essential minerals, fatty acids and type II collagen, all supplying valuable nutritional support. Cetyl Mobility’s cetyl myristoleate complex may be used as support for the joints, or purely as a maintenance regime for ease and peace of mind. DIRECTIONS Take two capsules twice daily for 60 days. Maintenance dose is one capsule twice daily.Always read the product label before use. PRODUCT FORMAT 60 capsules ALLERGY ADVICE Unsuitable for Vegans/Vegetarian FULL INGREDIENT LIST Glucosamine HCl, Caps..
DESCRIPTION Ever notice that some foods just don’t sit well? Almost everyone has a trigger food or an occasional bad digestion day, whether it’s an unsettled feeling after eating veggies, heaviness after downing a steak, or bloating that keeps you from buttoning your jeans. Proper digestion takes a precise concentration of balanced enzymes. A diet rich in fresh, uncooked foods helps supply these enzymes and ensure this balance. Unfortunately, fresh foods make up only part of some meals for most people. Cooked, processed, and over-ripened foods give you fewer digestive enzymes and de..