Complex Carbs 2.27kg

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Complex Carbs 2.27kg

Garnell Nutrition Complex Carbs 2.27kg

Pure Complex Carbohydrates

Product Features

  • High in carbohydrates
  • Ideal for professional and dedicated athletes
  • Muscle gains
  • More power and strength

Garnell Nutrition Description

Garnell Nutrition has found many bodybuilders have achieved better results when they supplement with Complex Carbohydrate during a "mass cycle". During such a period of a training programme, individuals are typically following a strenuous weight programme, at which time the body seems to thrive when given an abundant supply of complex carbohydrates. Complex Carbs are also excellent for those engaged in high energy sports like rugby, cycling and distance running.

Nutritional Information
  Per 100g Per 50g Serving
Energy kJ/kcal 1615/380 808/190
Protein nil nil
Carbohydrates 95g 47.5g
Of Which Sugars nil nil
Fat nil nil
Fibre nil nil


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