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Mass System 5kg
Sci-Mx Mass System 5kg Benefits Rapid muscle mass gain Bulking up (Ideal for hard-gainers) Use if training for more than 2 hours per day Increasing strength and energy for sport and work-outs High calorie nutrient dense source of protein for growth and carbohydrates for fuel Maintaining muscle mass when doing high levels of cardiovascular fitness training Typically Used By: Anyone wanting a high calorie mass gain fuel Strength athletes, bodybuilders, weight-lifters Power athletes such as rugby players, wrestlers, field event athletes, boxers ..
Omni-MX Hardcore 2kg
Sci-MX Omni-MX Hardcore 2kg Sci-MX's Omni-MX Hardcore has been designed for serious weight trainers who are after huge gains in muscle size and power. Unlike Sci-MXs’ standard Omni-MX which is designed for lean muscle gains and definition like that of a magazine cover-model or a sprinter, Omni-MX Hardcore is designed for pure extreme mass and size! 90g per daily serving of GRS-5 protein is boosted by a patented and clinically proven compound called Aminogen which amplifies the effectiveness of protein and is proven to increase nitrogen retention by 32% and BCAA release by up to 250..
True Mass 2.6kg
BSN True Mass 2.6kg Welcome To The Daddy Of Weight Gainer Products. Accept No Substitutes If Size Is Your Goal! Product Features Sustained release action Multi Function AM to PM Protein and carbohydrate blend 6 Ultra Premium Protein sources Bioactive Protein Utilisation Enzymes (Aminogen and Papain) Rich in BCAAs and other Essential and Non - Essential Amino Acids MCTs, EFA's Glutamine Peptides and Glutamine AKG Rich in Fibre Aspartame free ZERO Trans fat AMAZING TASTE!! BSN Description An Ultra Premium Lean Mus..