Uplifting Luxury Bath Oil From Abluo 200ml

Brand: Abluo
Product Code: MHAAV-A1347
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Price: £13.95

Uplifting Luxury Bath Oil From Abluo 200ml

luxurious bath oil blended with pure essential oils reputed to clear depression and uplift the mind, body and spirit. Ideal for anyone feeling seriously down or depressed through to simply been worn out or just needing to forget about the `outside world` and relax. A great bath soak for those dark cold winter nights when needing to feel uplifted or makes a great gift for anyone to use when exhausted and worn out at the end of the day. Usage- Pour desired amount, we recommend at least 10ml. into the bath under running warm water and then lay back and relax. When used in hot water, skin pores are opened allowing the essential carrier oils to be rapidly absorbed.

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